Concerts & Softball Tournaments 2018:


11/4, 4pm, Tret Fure in Concert at BMC The Lab (Broughton Music & Art Center, lower level), Kalamazoo, MI
11/11, 4pm, Laura Love in Concert at BMC The Annex, Northville, MI 48167

Twilight Softball Tournament Series (Best 2 of 3)

7/21 at Versluis Park, Kalamazoo (men’s & coed)
9/29 at Versluis Park, Kalamazoo (men’s & coed)
10/13 at Versluis Park, Kalamazoo (men’s & coed)

Twilight One Nighter Softball Tournament

To be Rescheduled (originally 8/25) at Versluis Park, Kalamazoo (men’s & women’s)

Twilight Halloween Fest Softball Tournament

10/27 at Versluis Park, Kalamazoo (coed)

Some Q & A for the upcoming 1st Annual Twilight Softball Moonlight Tournament, Saturday, October, 12, 2013.

How early will the tournament begin & end?  Depending on the number of teams playing in the tournament, we can start as early as 3:00 p.m. & go to no later than 11:00 p.m.

Are we using NSA or ASA bats & balls?  We are running a NSA based rules tournament using 11″ .44 400 for women & 12″ .44 400 for men (No Thunder Advanced allowed)

How does the minimum $200.00 purse for the championship winners increase?  For every team beyond 8 teams entered increases, then so does the winning purse.  For example, if there are 16 teams, then the purse doubles to $400.00 per championship team.

How will the raffle work?  Each player of each team will receive a free raffle ticket (15 maximum number of tickets per team).  Swag & stuff from area vendors will be awarded after the championship games conclude.  Player must be present to win!

How will the MVP awards work?  One MVP from each team in the championship game will be selected by the umpire.  The MVP winner will select one envelope from a group of envelopes, which may contain cash or gift certificate from an area vendor.  In the coed championship game, one male & one female player from each team will be selected by the presiding umpire.

Where is River Oaks County Park?  River Oaks County Park Location

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